Larry Birkhead has gone on the defensive. Following OK!’s latest cover story about the new book by TV journalist Rita Cosby that alleges he had a sexual encounter with former foe Howard K. Stern, the photographer and father of Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter Dannielynn went on CNN last night to try to quash the rumors. However, all he may have done is open himself up to further scrutiny.

While Larry claimed, “I don’t want to fight for money… If I wanted to be greedy and fight for money, I could have,” and that “my goal in this is to protect my daughter,” OK!’s experience with Larry has been a bit different, including repeated requests to the editorial staff to make himself look more appealing to the reader and to write a story denying rumors about his sexual preference. Larry also requested that OK! arrange for him to have designer suits to wear to the Kentucky Derby.

OK! has also witnessed Larry’s selfish behavior firsthand. During the magazine’s first shoot with Dannielynn and Larry, he appeared more concerned with his hair than the baby. Afterward, while going through the photographs, Larry preferred several shots where Dannielynn was not looking into the camera or not looking her best because he thought he looked better in them. Of note is the fact that, in some of these situations, Dannielynn seemed to be looking off at Howard’s more familiar face. Larry also seemed to be using Dannielynn almost like a prop, willing to pass Dannielynn off rather quickly to Howard once the cameras stopped rolling.

For all the details on Larry Birkhead’s double dealing, check out the next issue of OK!

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