Vanessa Williams’ son Devin is gearing up for his first job now that he’s getting ready for his first car.

The mother-son team recently signed Allstate Insurance’s Home For The Holidays teen safe driving contract.

Vanessa, 45, is a single mom to Melanie, 21, Jillian, 19, Devin, 15, and Sasha, 8.

What’s the best thing about having children? “It’s never-ending unconditional love,” the Ugly Betty star tells me.

But just because she’s on a hit show doesn’t mean her kids are on easy street.

“The past two girls, as soon as they got jobs, they got used cars,” Vanessa says. “No one got a brand new car. We’ll see what kind of used car he gets.”

While Melanie worked in a boutique to pay for a “colorful, yellow, used” Volvo S40 and Jillian worked at a children’s day care to fund her ride, Devin may find his future in a shoe store.

“I want something that deals with fashion,” he says. “I’m really into sneakers, clothes and everything.”

And about the big rock he’s sporting in one ear? He got it for eighth-grade graduation.

“It’s faux,” Vanessa says. “It isn’t real, believe me.”

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