Britney Spears‘ newly acquired "expanded" visitation time with her sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, "reflects improvement," Kevin Federline‘s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan says.

"It’s a significant difference. I can’t say exactly what the schedules are, but it’s a significant change," Mark tells the Today show Monday morning. "It reflects improvement."

Britney was granted more time with her sons last week, a huge step in the right direction for the recovering pop star. While Mark couldn’t go into the specifics of the agreement, he did reveal that the 26-year-old spent Mother’s Day with her sons.

"I think that it was something that was important to Kevin that the kids be with their mother on Mother’s Day as [they will be with their] father on Father’s Day," he said.

Once again reiterating it has always been Kevin’s intent for him and Brit to "participate" in the boys’ lives together, Mark adds that these expansions don’t come easily.

"Kevin’s policy are that automatic step-ups aren’t warranted. You have to look at what the circumstances are at the time the request for a step-up is coming to see that the step-up is warranted by the status quo at that time."

As for the status of Brit and K-Fed’s once-contentious relationship, Mark notes a certain "camaraderie" between them. "If you’re going to have two kids participate in the lives of raising their children, there has to be some camaraderie between them for that to be a meaningiful expectation and reality."

And how are the boys?

"I think the kids are doing great," he says. "I think that they are able to have a normal life and are progressing that way — as normal as that can be."

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