Following a quiet dinner at La Loggia restaurant in Studio City, the Simpson clan– minus Pete Wentz–were ambushed by the paparazzi, who shot some pointed questions at Joe and Tina regarding their new son-in-law’s willingness to share details of his sex life with Ashlee Simpson.

But, as we know from papa Joe’s love of free speech, especially when it comes to his daughter Jessica Simpson’s breast size (remember those comments?) it seems all is still hunky-dory between Wentz and his in-laws.

"When asked if Pete’s loose tongue bothered them, Tina shouted, "Never! We love him!"

Jess and boyfriend Tony Romo were less eager to talk as they quickly made their way out of the restaurant into the waiting family car. Joe did manage to spit out that he plans to be "at the Super Bowl" on Feb. 1. Guess that’s one of the perks of your daughter dating an NFL quarterback!

Check out the video, from, below!


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