Macho-man actor Vin Diesel a diaper-changer? Say it ain’t so!

The 41-year-old action star reveals to OK! that he has no problem tackling diaper duty for the four-month old daughter he has with girlfriend Paloma Jimenez.

“Of course I do diapers," The Babylon, A.D. star says. "What do you take me for?”

So how has fatherhood changed him? “It makes me want to be a better person,” he tells OK!

In fact, if Vin has his way, he’ll be challenging Brangelina in the baby-making department. “I want a half a dozen," he says. "What do you expect from me? I want 12 kids!”

And despite his long list of bicep-flashing action flicks, it was his turn in the more family-friendly flick The Pacifier that actually kicked off his paternal urge.

“That’s how the whole damn thing started," Vin explains. "You work with those babies too long, and then I said, ‘It is time.’”

While Vin has left it open to the possibility he might do another Pacifier, you can catch him in Babylon, A.D., when it hits theaters on Aug. 29.

By Valerie Nome

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