Details about Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy are being revealed daily, thanks to her Kung Fu Panda co-stars, but one piece of information the actress won’t divulge are her twins’ place of birth.

Though she and Brad Pitt have holed up in France for the past month, Angelina says they have yet to decide where in the world she will deliver the babies, which are due Aug. 19.

“I actually haven’t completely decided, but we are certainly thinking of France,” she says at a Kung Fu Panda press conference at the Cannes Film Festival. “[French] is a second language in our house. I’m still learning so I’m not going to attempt it here today, my rusty French. But my children are starting to speak French, so being here is very good for them, for their language at this time.”

That’s not the only language Brad and Angelina’s brood are learning. Maddox, 6, and Pax, 4, are also learning Cambodian and Vietnamese, along with their respective birth countries’ cultures.

“They know their flags and they know their music, and they know a whole lot about their culture,” she says. “And we bring in as much as we can, and we’ll continue to as they get older.”

Her boys were definitely on her mind when she agreed to sign on to Kung Fu Panda, the 32-year-old says. “The film wasn’t something that I was looking for, but was thrilled when it came my way because I knew how much it would mean to them and how special it would be because of that.”

All of her kids, including Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, who turns 2 on May 27, have seen the flick and “loved it.”

“[That’s] a huge deal because they’re my biggest critics,” Angelina says. “But the truth is, I would have done this film if I didn’t have children, because I think the message is great and I had so much fun doing it. It’s a real pleasure as a mom to be able to bring the kids to a film that you also really feel is a good film.”

And as for whether or not she and Brad will continue to add to their brood after babies No. 5 and 6 arrive, the Oscar winner quipped, "Not at this time, you never know. More babies… You know me!"

By Ryan Smith

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