Beth Ostrosky is very excited about becoming Mrs. Howard Stern.

“He’s the greatest thing in the world and he’s so much fun,” the bride-to-be, 35, tells me. “I just can’t wait to be with him forever. It’s such a commitment and it’s an honor to be called his wife.”

She says she’s having “fun with the process” of planning her October nuptials, and has just started thinking about her dress.

Their honeymoon location won’t be far flung, though.

“We’ll just go to our house in the Hamptons,” she tells me. “There’ll be no big anything other than our house in the Hamptons because that’s where we fell in love and that’s what we’re all about.”

How do they make it work?

“It’s him. He’s so easy to be with and he makes me laugh and makes me feel so special. I have it all. It’s easy. There’s no work. I think that’s how you know a relationship works because it’s not a lot of work.”

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