In an exclusive interview with Parade, Janet Jackson admits that she hasn’t always been so lucky in love.

"After two divorces [to singer James Debarge and dancer Rene Elizondo Jr.], I thought I was jinxed," Janet explains in the new issue of Parade, out this Sunday. "Maybe marriage isn’t for me? Maybe it’s my fault it never works. I was always faithful. I always tried to give of myself. But maybe I’m the problem.” She continues, “When it was over, I put shields up to protect myself from being hurt again. I didn’t want to go there anymore.”

The twice-married singer says she was initially cautious about entering into a relationship with boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. “I was always reaching out for love…this time, I wasn’t going to be the first to reach out,” she says. “It was Jermaine who touched me first. Love came to me. He’s such a wonderful, sweet, very loving guy that I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to fall head over heels for this person.’”

Janet’s view on relationships is also colored by her father’s cheating; Joseph Jackson had a child out of wedlock with a fan of the Jackson 5 and later had an affair with a Motown employee, which deeply pained Janet and her mother. “I’ve been cheated on a lot!" she confesses. "I know what that feels like and how that hurts the heart. But… to give us a half-sister. I can’t even fathom what that’s like for Mother."

For the entire interview, check out this Sunday’s edition of Parade. Also, be sure to check out‘s online exclusive interview and photos of Janet now!

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