While rumors and reports of a split between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have been floating around for several days, neither the pop star nor her quarterback cutie have come forward to put a stop to them — even her dad, Joe Simpson, told OK! yesterday that he has no idea what’s going on with the couple.

However, a source close to Jess not only confirms to OK! that the pair are "on a break" from each other, but also says this is nothing new for the couple.

"They have broke up and got back together countless times," the Simpson family insider explains to OK!. Perhaps, as another source has told OK! in the past, it’s because Tony has never viewed this relationship seriously.

And now, with Jess going on nationally syndicated TV earlier this week, gushing about how she’s looking to get hitched and start a family — just like her little sister, Ashlee Simpson, who is slated to wed Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz this weekend — the insider tells OK! that the Employee of the Month star is putting down her foot and delivering an ultimatum to Tony.

"If Tony doesn’t attend Ashlee and Pete’s wedding this weekend," says the source, "she will never forgive him. If he doesn’t show, they are over for good."

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