Kate Hudson has already been married once, and been divorced in a high-profile split from ex Chris Robinson. But even that very public experience in matrimony hasn’t made her anti-marriage – in fact, her own time as a wedded woman may come in handy in her new movie about brides gone mad.


So, is marriage something Kate sees again in her own future?


"Who knows?" she admits to OK! at the premiere of Bride Wars in NYC on Jan. 5. "I wouldn’t rule it out though.


As for the actual event, the big day and the dress, the busy mom says planning can be crazy.


"It gets so screwed up because you’re dealing with two families, you’re dealing with your parents – some parents try to stay out of it, but they always have to have their word," she tells reporters. "You’re in an awkward position. It’s like this – it’s like a movie premiere. It’s a big production."


Don’t think Kate will be caught up in all that anytime soon, as she says, "I would elope and then have a party."


Reporting by Valerie Nome

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