Since they went public with their romance last year, marriage rumors have dogged reality star Kim Kardashian and her Heisman Trophy-winning beau Reggie Bush. But now, in a new interview with the couple, it’s beginning to look like wedding bells aren’t in the too-distant future!

"I’m feeling a little bit of pressure to make it perfect," Reggie reveals to Entertainment Tonight in an interview slated to air Monday night. "We’ve still got time. We’re not planning around what other people think."

Says Kim, "He’s trying to make it a good surprise. We both are so busy in our lives, whenever it happens, it happens. I’m in no rush, he’s in no rush. But this is it."

So the big question is: Will Kim leave her beloved L.A. to make the move to New Orleans, where Reggie is the starting running back for the Saints? "She wouldn’t have a choice!" says the football star with a laugh. But Kim is already proposing a compromise: "During the off season we’ll live in L.A."

To catch the entire interview, check out Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Nov. 17.

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