Oh to be a celebrity!

Not only is Natasha Bedingfield getting married to a hunky, successful guy — one of the world’s top designers has offered to make her wedding dress!

"I’ve got a wedding dress now," said the excited Pocketful of Sunshine singer, who also revealed to OK! that they have already set a date for the big day.

"Vera Wang wanted to make me a dress," she said. Jealous much?

Speaking at the W Lounge at New York Fashion Week, Natasha said that, suddenly, the whole is suddenly starting to feel very real.

"When you get a dress — for a girl — then you know you’re really going to have a wedding," she smiled.

Is she a Bridezilla?

"I’m not super-obsessed about it," said Natasha, who accepted a proposal from Californian businessman Matt Robinson in September. "It’s just going to be like a big party for me."

But we’re not allowed any more details than that, though.

"The location and the day is secret," she said.


By Oliver Coleman

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