Olivia Newton-John loves John Easterling so much, she married him twice!

In the OK! on newsstands now, the Grease icon, 59, shares with me all the details of her special days. (We go way back — here’s a pic with Olivia and Kelly Preston from 2001!)

How did she and her new hubby fall in love?

“We met about fifteen years ago through mutual friends, and at the time we were both in very different places in our lives, so the idea of a romance didn’t really come up,” Olivia tells me. “I thought he was a very nice, charming and handsome man and I really respected him and his passion for the environment and what he and his company, The Amazon Herb Company, are doing to create a sustainable future for the Amazon and its people.”   

She adds, “John has been traveling and working in the Amazon for over thirty years, which is why they call him Amazon John. His company harvests rainforest herbs and enables indigenous communities to protect their land through various programs he has set up.”

She continues, “Even though nothing romantic happened when we first met, we stayed in touch over the years. In fact, when my Irish Setter had puppies in the early 90s, John took one of them, which kept us connected.”

When the pair shared the news of their nuptials at a July Fourth party, Grease was the word.

“My dear friend Didi Conn [who played Frenchie] was at the barbecue,” she says. “Friends and family are all very happy for us!”

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for Olivia’s wedding photos and interview. “Britney: How I Got My Body Back” is the cover line.

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