Bad news for Spencer Pratt fans out there who had been hoping to see the newlywed Hills star head to the jungle with wife Heidi Montag for the new NBC reality competition I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! — looks like Spence had to go to the hospital today when the show’s doctors had some issues with his bloodwork.

Earlier today, Spencer did what all celebrities do when they have a medical issue — he went to his Twitter page to tweet about his unpleasant wake-up call this morning.

"the doctor just woke me up with a call saying i need to go to the hospital because the test i took show signs of low blood platelets!" He wrote before heading out to the hospital.

But have no fear, Speidi-fans, S.Pratt updated recently, writing, "@ the Doctors Office about to get my 6th SHOT for the COSTA RICAN JUNGLE" He added that he is now "armed and ready" to start I’m a Celebrity…, which is set to premiere on NBC on June 1.

Pics from Spencer and Heidi’s recent nuptials:


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