Here at OK!, we know that for most ladies out there, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to whether or not you’ll be seeing New Moon. But what about the guy in your life who’s dead-set against seeing Kristen Stewart get wrapped up in a love triangle between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner? We’ve got 10 reasons you can use to convince the begrudging boyfriends and reluctant husbands to go with you to see New Moon.

1. New Moon is packed with action: While there was really only one scene in Twilight with lots of action (the Cullens save Bella from bad vamp James), the second flick has multiple heart-pounding moments and plenty of WWE-worthy smackdowns.

2. The Volturi vampires are ready to rumble: Speaking of fight scenes, when Bella, Alice and Edward meet up with the ruling class vamps, the Volturi, the action gets intense in the body-slamming, floor-crumbling violence kind of way.

3. Humongous, angry werewolves get in on the brawl: Not everyone is a fan of bloodsuckers, and for those people, New Moon introduces the La Push wolf pack — teenagers who phase into big, burly wolves when they need to get their teeth on a vamp… or if they happen to lose their temper. Kids these days!

4. Speeding motorcycles: For the gearheads out there, a lot of the story in New Moon is focused on Bella and Jacob fixing up some motorcycles, which they then take out and ride recklessly on the slippery, rain-slicked roads near Forks. Rev your engines, guys!


5. Adrenaline-inducing cliff-diving: After Edward leaves her, Bella turns to extreme sports to get a rush (and call up loving hallucinations), including diving off a cliff into the open ocean. Sort of like bungee jumping, without the bungee.

6. Cool special effects: Whether it’s a CGI-enhanced ginormous wolf chasing down a speeding vamp, or a muscular, thirsty enforcer kicking R-Pattz’s butt all over the Volturi throne room, the special effects in New Moon are vastly improved from Twilight (thanks to a big budget bump!).

7. You might get scared: One OK! staffer admits she jumped when the growling wolves made their first appearance — so if your guy is there, you might jump right into his arms… something mutually pleasing for you and your man! Or, if he’s like a few guys we know, he’ll get a good laugh out of your fright. Hey, at least he’s watching with you!

8. Hot vampire chick: Flame-haired Rachelle Lefevre smolders her way through the movie, eluding werewolves with her supernatural speed and vengefully hunting down Bella. Perfect for the guy who likes a bit of a bad girl.

9. New Moon isn’t as ooey-gooey as Twilight: Instead of lying in meadows with a sparkly Edward, Bella is racing motorcycles and doing the aforementioned cliff-diving to keep her mind of the absence of her love. Have we told you there’s more action in New Moon? Because really, there is. And no more lines about spider monkeys — this Twilight Saga installment follows its book counterpart much more closely.

10. You’ll be in the mood for love: After watching heartthrobs Rob and Taylor without their shirts, you’ll be ready for some real-life romance, and he can’t complain about that!

Don’t believe us? Have him watch a trailer or two!

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