As always with stories Britney Spears, it’s difficult to tell truth from fiction, which make new reports out of the UK about the pop superstar signing a $14 million deal for her autobiography that much harder to figure out if they’re true or not.


According to The Mirror, Brit-Brit has inked the mammoth deal to tell all about her rollercoaster life and career.

However, one U.S. publishing insider tells OK!, it’s unlikely that the pop princess would get anything near the amount being reported.

"That seems ridiculously high for a book deal," the source tells OK!. "Even though she’s a huge star, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to read an autobiography by her. To make back that much of an advance, the publisher would have to sell Harry Potter-size numbers."

So while we would love to see Britney finally tell her complete side of the story — from Mickey Mouse Club to divorced mother of two — we’re not holding our breath.


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