OK! caught up with director David Slade and writer Steve Niles of the new vampire movie 30 Days of Night at a fan meet and greet at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. The horror duo had a lot to say about the flick’s leading man, Josh Hartnett. “He really rose to the occasion. His character is not a traditional movie hero. He makes some bad choices in terms of his character, which I think makes him more realistic. I think it’s one of his and his agent believes it is one of his best performances. I’m really proud of that,” David said.”

“He comes from that area. He comes from Minnesota. I didn’t expect him to take the role to be honest’” he added, “I’m lucky enough to be represented by the Ridley Scott Associate Company. Ridley had cast him in Black Hawk Down and I talked with Ridley and he highly recommended him. And I went and talked to Josh and we got along really well. Much to my surprise, he took the role. “

Steve, who wrote the graphic novel as well as the screenplay, told OK! about his motives for writing and later adapting 30 Days of Night for the big screen. “Hopefully what we’re doing is the horror that people want to see. It’s more long lasting. Yeah, it’s a little smarter. More traditional- it’s got a story and characters and a lot of scary things.”

And how does it stack up to his novel? “I’m getting really close to liking the movie better than the comic. I was reluctant to say it cause he’s here. I’ve seen it twice and it’s close. So, I couldn’t be happier,” added Steve.


By Jocelyn Vena

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