No show gets bigger guest stars than 30 Rock right now. So it’s got to be pretty exciting for the cast members to have a new A-Lister breezing onto their set every week, right?

Well, not for all of them, apparently.

When OK! saw hilarious rookie actor Lonny Ross, who plays the goofy comic Josh Girard, at the premiere of Soul Men in New York, we wanted to know what it was like working with stars like Jennifer Aniston.

"She’s a sitcom veteran," said Lonny, "so she gets the [long] hours and how much work goes into a show like that. It’s great when you get to work with someone like that," he said.

Cool! So you got to do some scenes with her?

"No," said Lonny. But added, "I heard she was great."

How about Oprah then? Any scenes with her?


"They keep us away," he confessed, referring to the novice stars, like Lonny, Keith Powell, aka Toofer, and Katrina Bowden, who plays Cerie.

"They don’t want us bothering her."

So were there any guests at all you were excited about this season?

"Yes – Steve Martin," he beamed. "I mean, Steve Martin – that’s the best there is.

"Another guy I didn’t get to meet."

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