What’s your go-to indulgence on a hot day?
Blasting the A.C. in my car and drinking iced tea. It is so good and cools you right down. And a good milk shake. I’m helping Lactaid — which is real milk, just without the lactose — spread the word that everyone can dive into the creamy, delicious treat.

How do you incorporate such decadent foods into your diet?
I allow for cheat days! Typically, I stay away from snacks so I’m not too tempted.

What workouts are you into?
LEKFit.com. I do the classes when I’m in L.A. and stream videos when I’m traveling. I’m obsessed — I even canceled my gym membership. It’s all I do now.

What are your summer style picks?
My Rachel Comey jumpsuit, Havaianas flip-flops and a chic straw hat.

Any tips for hosting a party at home?
Put food and the bar on opposite sides of the room so people move and mingle. Place a lot of speakers around the room so the music isn’t too loud in any one spot. Lastly: Good lighting is always key.


Judy and milkshake masters from New York City hotspot New Territories whipped up Instagram-worthy creations in June.

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