You can sing along to "Thrift Shop" and all, but after watching his MTV Movie Awards performance you gotta know: what's with this Macklemore fellow? Here's some knowledge to drop on your friends. 

1. You think "Thrift Shop" came out of nowhere? Well, you're pretty much right. Macklemore and his producing partner Ryan Lewis managed to get their hit single to number one on the charts without being signed to a major record label.

2. He grew his fan base via YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter.

3. He's not kidding on his song "Thrift Shop." He actually loves shopping in second-hand stores and loves fashion (as you can see from his ensemble tonight).

4. He's an adamant supporter of gay rights. He even wrote a song about it, "Same Love."

5. He hosts an annual "Fan Appreciation Pizza Party." How nice is that!

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