Happy New Year! You can start your resolutions tomorrow. Today, watch TV ’til your little heart’s content! Here’s new shows that are premiering, parades that are happening and more:

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Tournament Rose Parade. 11am on ABC and NBC. This year continues the New Year’s Day tradition that’s been in effect since 1890 (!!!) where flowered-covered floats, marching bands, horses and more walk a parade in Pasadena, California. Of course, it hasn’t been televised since 1890 though…

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Dance Moms. 9pm on Lifetime. New year, new season, new moms—Abby Lee Miller’s got a lot of expectations for season 4. Here’s the three biggest things to look forward to:

Kim of Queens. 10pm on Lifetime. And if you like Dance Moms, you’ll probably like Lifetime’s newest series, Kim of Queens, about a southern belle pageant coach who hunts for new, young talent in Georgia.

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Kirstie. 10pm on TV Land. Kathy Griffin plays herself on the episode as a prospective neighbor who might move into Maddie’s building. And Maddie is not happy being outshined by another star…

The Soup Clipdown Part 2. 10pm on E!. Part 1 aired on Christmas Day and part 2 picks up right where it left off. Basically, it’s Joel McHale and his Community co-stars talking about the more of the craziest clips of the year.

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