Truth, it’s probably a little bit overkill when every single show on TV decides to do a Thanksgiving-themed episode this time of year. But there are some shows that just nailed it and have become classics that we just want to watch again and again every single Turkey Day.

The 15 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time has a list of the 8 Thanksgiving-Themed TV Episodes that are worth rewatching, and we’ve gotta say, we basically agree with every single one on this list. The How I Met Your Other episodes where they turned Thanksgiving into “Slapsgiving” are just the best! And then there’s of course the Friends holiday episode where Brad Pitt made a guest appearance at Monica’s thanksgiving feast. Or wait! How about the Gossip Girl ep where Blair and Serena spent theirs at a diner to avoid their family drama? Ah, insanity on TV.

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