There’s going to be some big changes happening on the upcoming season of Scrubs!

Besides moving from NBC to ABC this fall, Scrubs hottie Zach Braff announced this season will be his last on the hit show.

"This has been an amazing year," the cutie tells OK!. "I really thought this would be the last year. I would love to come back and visit and direct some episodes and do craft service if they need help."


Braff’s departure will undoubtedly be a loss to the show, but in its place Scrubs producer Bill Lawrence has added a bright new addition. Friends star Courteney Cox will be joining the Scrubs cast for three episodes!

"Everybody was psyched," Braff said of the cast’s reaction to Cox joining the show. "She’s a TV comic legend and she’s having a lot of fun. There’s no hazing involved. We’re nice to the new fancy people!"


Courteney will play the chief of medicine and, Lawrence adds, "We’d have her back in a heartbeat. She’s hilarious and a great actress."

Lawrence says while the rest of the cast was meeting the press today, Cox was back at the hospital set "with her face jammed into a fake bloody corpse in a fantasy as if she lives in some guy’s stomach."

"She’s a gamer, up for anything," he said, recalling saying goodbye to the actress, "with goo all over her face, she’s like, (cheerful voice), ‘see you tommorow!"

By Carole Glines

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