Some have coffee as a precursor to going to the gym, I have absinthe –today anyway. My friend Steve Wilson from BWR paraded a team from Le Tourment Vert Absinthe into the our Beverly Hills office a bit ago and despite my protests that I can’t drink pre-workout – I’ve managed to have quite a few ‘just tastes’ of absinthe.

Now I’m waning on getting to the gym (and debating between driving or calling a cab to get home), but I’ve tasted some delicious 100 Proof cocktails. After wetting my palette with the traditionally prepared absinthe with water and sugar, I was given a mug with a frothy concoction of Le Tournament Vert, gin, muddled cucumbers, lime and simple syrup garnished with a cucumber and mint sprig – with a straw, for faster and easier sipping. Before I realized I had several sips of this most refreshing summer, or spring, cocktail, it was halfway gone – there was some ice left.

Next on the menu was a martini glass filled with a blend of the absinthe, champagne, blood red orange, honey syrup and ginger. It was a party in a glass.

They tell me the absinthe was the inspiration for David Arquette’s short film “The Butler’s in Love,” wonder what it will inspire me to do – in lieu of the gym.

They’re taking the party to the skies next with the Le Tournament Vert Mile-High Cocktail on all Virgin America flights. When ordered at 32,000 feet you will be presented with a mini (adorable) bottle of Le Tournament Vert bottle, a can of Spite and a wedge of lemon. Virgin America’s an airline that always encourages mingling among their passengers (they have seat-to-seat instant message chats and a couple has even met an got engaged on a flight!), so we’re sure this will help lubricate in-flight social skills 😉 xo

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