Adam Lambert knows how to promote his new album For Your Entertainment. His track “Time for Miracles” has already been featured on the soundtrack for the mega blockbuster 2012. Now the American Idol runner-up is ready to join the Twilight hype, hoping to attach one of his songs to another potential blockbuster — The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, MTV News reports.

Adam thinks “Suburban Decay,” a track produced by Rob Cavallo that didn’t make it onto For Your Entertainment, should find a new home on the June 2010 movie’s soundtrack, according to MTV.

“It’s a great song and I hope to perform it someday, and I think it will find a home, on a soundtrack or something … maybe ‘Twilight,’ ” Adam tells MTV News. “It just didn’t quite fit [in my album]. It’s very theatrical. … It’s very campy, and it was just a bit too campy for the album as a big picture.”

Although the vibe did not fit his album, Adam feels it might be perfect to heighten the love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward.

“Hey, ‘Eclipse’ … Want my song? It’s kind of about vampires,” Adam says noting lyris about “bloodlust.”

It does not come as much of a surprise that Adam wants to take a bite of the Twilight action. He himself is a bit of a Twi-hard.

“I loved the Twilight books, they were really good, but I think that series is over,” Adam told OK! earlier this year. “I read all the books. I read them all in like a month. I was really obsessed with that.”

The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last month, selling 153,000 copies in its first full week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album features music by Death Cab for Cutie, Thom Yorke and The Killers.

New Moon‘s is the second soundtrack this year to top the Billboard 200, following the “Hannah Montana: the Movie” album on the chart dated May 2, according to The soundtrack for the first installment of the movie, Twilight, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 as well with 165,000 copies.

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