Take note, awards show producers. If you decide to cut off Adele mid-speech, you may get an obscene gesture in your face!

That's precisely what happened last night at the 2012 BRIT Awards after Adele was named Best British Female Solo Artist and won Album of the Year.
Her speech started out innocently enough: "It's been an amazing year." According to E! News, she thanked her record company "for letting me be the kind of artist I want to be."
Then the show's host, James Corden, cut off her speech, and the middle finger of her right hand immediately shot into the air!
Unhappy about being interrupted, after the show the 21 singer claimed she flipped the bird to execs, not to fans. "I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but it was the suits that offended me." She said, "Thank you all very much and thanks to my fans. I don't want them to think I was swearing at them."   

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