According to a report in scandal-happy British tabloid News 0f the World, Britney Spears‘ photographer boyfriend Adnan Ghalib is attempting to sell a stack of extremely personal videos of the troubled young mother of two — for $2 million!

The short videos, which the report claims were shot by Adnan, supposedly show the 26-year-old singer in various revealing outfits — from nighties to just a bath towel — babbling about herself in the third person and talking about everything from her childhood to angels.

So do these tapes even exist? A friend of Britney would only call the tabloid story "sad," without confirming or denying their existence.

However, OK! has confirmed that Adnan has officially parted ways with the paparazzi agency that he’d been working for when he rose to stardom as Britney’s paramour. There is a message on the agency’s blog now denying that these tapes are real.

Stay tuned to OK! as this story continues to develop.

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