Adrian Grenier is thinking green this holiday season. “This year I’m only giving gifts that are environmentally friendly or charitable donations on behalf of my friends and family,” he says. “I think we’ve consumed enough. The earth is telling us such.”

Exactly what qualifies as a green gift?

“There’s all sorts,” the Entourage star, 31, says. “It’s good to be creative when you’re trying to be environmentally friendly because that’s when you have fun. Go out and research it. That’s when you have fun.”

But what’s on his list?

“I’ll probably give a lot of donations to charities. I’m not buying a lot of products. I am building a home and I’m producing a television show for Planet Green. I’ll be researching a lot of products that are eco-conscious.

Will his newfound father be on his gift-giving list?

“I just spoke to him,” he says. “I literally just spoke to him.”

We take that as a “yes.”

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