What is the craziest thing you have done for love? Have you eaten a food that you despise or gone for a hike even though you cannot stand the thought of sweat?

Television personality Adrienne Bailon has done some pretty wild things for love, and shares her story on Oxygen’s new series My Crazy Love, debuting tonight!

OK!: What are some of the craziest stories you’ve heard about how far people went for love?

Adrienne Bailon:”In my own life, I was two seconds from telling casting to please talk to all my girlfriends because they’ve done some insane things. I have friends who have literally climbed through air conditioning vents. They have done pretty pyscho things.”

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OK!: That certainly sounds like it would make for entertaining television! Have you gone that far for love?

Adrienne: “My story is a little more dare devilish where I jumped out of an airplane. I thought I was pretty much committing suicide…it was awful.”

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OK!: So was that the first and last time you will jump out a plane for your man?

Adrienne: “I will never do it again…Ever ever ever.”

We don’t blame her! But the date must have gone well, she is still with her longtime boyfriend Lenny, and they will be celebrating their six year anniversary in March! So sometimes crazy dates work out after all. But Adrienne still will never be jumping out of planes again.

Adrienne: “For his [Lenny’s] birthday I was going to get him more flights so you can learn to jump without somebody tandem on your back. And I was like ‘you know what I have a feeling that if I get him that gift he’s going to try to convince me to do it again’ and that’s never happening.” Sorry Lenny!

OK!: And what is the best part about My Crazy Love?

Adrienne: “The cool thing about it is that it’s almost presented in a way where it looks as if you’re talking to your friend over Skype or just telling your story. It’s very intimate and I love that about it.”

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OK!: Some of these stories are probably scenarios most of us can relate to! Who will be featured on the show?

Adrienne: “It’s everyday people and the crazy things they’ve gone through. And I think that it’s so relatable, it’s so funny. It’s peoples stories of how they either fell in love, how things went well, how they went bad, and it just makes for really good, feel good TV. I think that’s why I’m going to be obsessed with the show. And that’s why I was so excited to share my story.”

Tune in to My Crazy Love, debuting Tuesday on the Oxygen channel at 10/9c!

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