There was a lot of brotherly love Monday night at The 11th
Annual Hollywood Film Festival & Hollywood Awards, where the brothers
Affleck were honored for their cinematic efforts. Little brother Casey received
the Breakthrough Actor of the Year Award while big bro Ben took home
Breakthrough Director, making it a night to remember for the two.

“It’s pretty extraordinary,” Ben said upon receiving his
award. “The last time Casey and I stood on stage together we were on the
Cambridge Little League team accepting awards. I was 12. I was a catcher.
He was nine. He was a shortstop.”

Twenty-three years later, they’re still working together.
The two can currently be seen in Ben’s directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, in
which Casey, 32, stars as a Boston
private investigator in search of a missing girl. Casey, who was presented his
award by buddy Brad Pitt – who jokingly referred to him as “Cassie” — says working
with his 35-year-old brother was a piece of cake.


“It was very easy,” he tells OK!. “He did a great job. He knows how to work with actors…. Ben did an amazing job and I love him!”

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