Here are some quick bites on limited time:

-A little birdie told me Fergie is having her bachelorette party in Santa Monica tonight; her wedding location is so far on the DL that her guests haven’t even been told where it will be yet! Would you rather crash Fergie’s bachelorette party – or Josh Duhamel’s bachelor party? Hmm.

-Spywitnesses who saw Lindsay Lohan at Apple Lounge in West Hollywood tell me that ‘Lindsay and Samantha have definitely broke up.’ Not shocking despite their denials – but exactly how does my source know this is 100% for real, for sure? Her evidence is sealed, but I believe it.

-I just interviewed The Biggest Loser host Allison Sweeney who said she’s been working out consistently throughout her pregnancy and craving pickles and sugar-free hot chocolates. I’m going to spend a day training at The Biggest Loser camp next week and am afraid, very afraid -but also very excited!

Ok, gotta go. Late for dinner at XIV 😉 xo

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