Ali Landry makes pregnancy look glamorous and easy. The actress, who is about to be a mom for the third time, is reprising her role as Palmer's Cocoa Butter's "Spokes-Belly," but this time the campaign also stars her children Estela (who is about to turn 6) and Marcelo (20 months). Even though she's getting ready to pop any day, Ali still made time to chat with OK! about Palmer's, pregnancy and pre-natal workouts.

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OK!: How does it feel to be working with Palmers again?

Ali Landry: Well this year it’s even more exciting because both children are going to be in the spotlight—both of them! We’re such fans of the product. I’ve been since my daughter, my first pregnancy, when I wasn’t even working with Palmer's so for us to have a relationship now after my second pregnancy with my son and for me to be doing this again—it’s great.

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OK!: It really does work!

AL: That’s what I don’t think people know—one, the price is beyond incredible and, two, I have never in my life been more moisturized. Out of all the products, and being in entertainment we get so many things, and I’ve tried everything, but with this I layer them, layer it up and it’s the most moisturized I am.

OK!: How has this pregnancy been different or similar to your first two?
I think the only difference is that now I’m running after two children and Marcello is so young. He just turned 20 months. He’s very attached to me. I’m with him pretty much 24/7 so it’s hard being pregnant and this far along and then carrying a 20 month old all of the time. It’s a little more difficult. But other than that I feel great. I love being pregnant. I love the delivery. It’s all good.

OK!: How do you stay healthy?

AL: I have a great trainer who specializes in pre- and post-natal pregnancy so I feel very safe working out with her. Our workouts are very intense but very safe for the baby. At this point it’s actually getting uncomfortable to work out. The baby’s so low, so I switched to water workouts. It’s changed my life. I’ve seen incredible results, even though I’m pregnant, you can’t even believe it. It feels wonderful. I feel like a normal person when I’m in the water. It’s relaxing, there’s no pressure. I even told my doctor, “I just started these water workouts, I’m loving it.” He’s like, “I tell that to all of my mom patients and nobody listens to me but I tell them it’s the best thing.”

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OK!: What do you keep packed in your hospital bag?

AL: You should see where I’m sitting right now—I’m at a big conference table with a million papers all around me with baby lists and last-minute products and hospital checklists and what to pack in the hospital bag. For me this pregnancy, being my third one, it’s all about indulgence. I will be honest. I did it every way the last ones. I’m putting cashmere socks, I have a friend who is a massage therapist and she’s going to be there to massage me during the delivery process. I want a fabulous robe. I want a beautiful gown. Of course I’m going to have my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter so they can lather me up with it. I’m going to have my restaurant list of what I want post delivery to eat. I may order already! I’ve definitely allowed myself with this one to be pampered and taken care of and all of that good stuff.

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