Age: 29
: Los Angeles/Atlanta
Musical Favorites
: Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Freddie Mercury, Stevie Nicks
Idol Pursuits
: Tennis

Audition song: I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

The Wizard From Oz: Michael was born in Perth, Australia, but moved to the US in 1998 to study in Georgia on a tennis scholarship. He still works as a tennis coach.

Rising Star: In 2001, Michael – then know as Michael Lee – formed a band called The Rising, which was signed to Madonna’s Maverick label. They recorded an album called Future Unknown.

Guys’ gang: Friends since Hollywood Week, four of the older guys – Luke Menard, Jason Yaeger, David Cook and Michael – were known inside the AI camp as the Four Horsemen.

Vegas Wedding: Michael got married in Vegas in May, but hopes to have a proper ceremony after Idol is over.

Tough Guy: Back home, Michael used to play the brutal "Aussie Rules" version of soccer.


Semifinals Week 1:
"Light My Fire" (The Doors)
Semifinals Week 2: "Go Your Own Way" (Fleetwood Mac)

Semifinals Week 3: "Don’t You (Forget About Me)" (Simple Minds)

Finals Week 1: "Across The Universe" (The Beatles)

Finals Week 2: "A Day In The Life" (The Beatles)

Finals Week 3: "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" (Queen)

Finals Week 4: "It’s All Wrong, But It’s Alright" (Dolly Parton)

Finals Week 5: "Dream On" (Aerosmith)

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