Yesterday I finally gave in to Twitter. On one hand Twitter is a very useful tool for my job as several celebrities have taken to constantly updating their whereabouts and inner-most thoughts with regular tweets – on the other hand it’s yet another form of procrastination for my ADD to cling to.


Only 24 hours on Twitter it’s already affected my life in a couple of small ways, both thanks to John Mayer. 1. When I woke up this morning John’s latest Twitter said. "Why not wear the first outfit you try on today?" Ok, why not? So, I did. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be wearing a dress without stockings on a cold, rainy LA day and subsequently chilly all day. 2. His latest of a laundry list of twitters today said, "I think if you finish a Tweet with characters to spare you should get rollover letters." It made me laugh out loud. And, I agree.


Tweet, tweet 😉 xo 

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