So I’m wondering, is a personal training session that leaves you so sore (because my muscles are screaming from an extended period of lack of use prior to said training session) that you justify not working out for the next two or three days to being sore, kind of counter-productive?

Post training in the park with Joshua Love I managed to get in a three-mile run today, but skipped the planned body sculpting class for fear that I’d want to run from the class after the first squat. Tomorrow evening I’m scheduled to cheat on Love with celebrity trainer Gregg Miele. Miele recently joined Gunnar Peterson (who I’ve previously stated my affection for) at the new Beverly Hills Studio so I figured, in the spirit of familiarizing myself with the techniques of several different celeb trainers, it would be fun.

I’m sure now I’m only feeling a fraction of the pain I’ll feel after cheating on Love with another round of (self-induced torture) ehem, moderated working out, tomorrow 😉 xo

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