After George Clooney‘s near-death accident on his motorcycle,  The actor’s wife, Amal, has put her foot down, telling him he needs to ditch the bike!

“Amal ran to George’s hospital fearing the worst. We cannot imagine what was going through her mind after the accident,” sources told’s STRAIGHT SHUTER.  “They have young twins and she wants to make sure the children’s father is around to see them grow up.”

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Doctors told Radar it could take up to 20 days to fully recover from being flung off his scooter, and video reveals the Oceans 11 star still has a limp.  Shuter contends the Oscar winner even needs help at times getting around.

As Radar reported, Clooney, 57, was flung 20 feet in the air by a vehicle who hit his scooter as he was heading toward the set of Catch-22 in Costa Corallina, Italy.

Now it looks like motorbiking has been added to the growing list of things the humanitarian is no longer allowed to do, for the sake of his kids at least.

“After the kids were born the couple both agreed to stay out of war zones and dangerous countries,” the source told Shuter. “Now you can add motorbikes to that list.”

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