Amanda Beard says that when it comes to the ladies, Michael Phelps doesn’t have any moves.


"He doesn’t need any," the Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer and model told OK!. "He just has to be Michael Phelps and they flock to him," she says.

But if you want to get with her, Amanda recommends stalking!

After lot of on-set flirting with photographer Sacha Brown during a shoot, Amanda split without even saying goodbye to him, never mind giving him her number. But Amanda swooned when her dad, who checks the emails sent to her official Web site, passed on Sacha’s messages when they arrived in the inbox.

"Believe me, a bit of stalking works," said Amanda, who’s lived with Sacha for around three years now, and has already picked out her engagement ring at Tiffany’s. "Women want to be pursued," she explains after modeling the new Oral-B Pulsonic at its launch in NYC.

"When the police get involved, you know you’re doing something right," she joked.


At least, we hope it was a joke!

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