Although Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore share a love scene in the suspense thriller Chloe, both actresses get noticeably uncomfortable when asked about it. Awkward!

In fact, Amanda is so embarrassed, she made her dad stay home from the New York City premiere held Tuesday at Landmark Sunshine Cinema.

“My mom’s seen it,” the actress, 24, said on the red carpet. “She came back for seconds [makes face]. But my sister [came to the premiere]. I did not let my dad come ’cause I’m not allowing him to see it. He’s very proud of me, and he wanted to see some good work, but I can’t.”

And, for Julianne, how did kissing Amanda in the movie compare to kissing her husband?

“That’s ridiculous!” Julianne, 49, shrieked at me.

Strangely, the four-time Oscar nominee is more open when it comes to her family, which she typically refuses to talk about at child-centered charity events. Son Caleb, 12, and daughter Liv, 7, are her children with husband Bart Freundlich, whom she married in 2003.

“The funny thing about having kids is they come who they are. You actually don’t have a lot to do with it. You just have to be involved.”

She continued, “My son likes to play guitar, he likes to rent movies, he likes to play basketball. My daughter loves ice-skating. They both really like snowboarding and stuff. We play games, we do everything that families do.”

Relinquishing this dark flick was only natural when Julianne came home to her family.

“I have two kids, so at the end of the day it’s imperative that I let go of it if I’m going to be with them. That’s what you do.”

And she greatly appreciates the solace she finds at home.

“The thing about my husband is he’s not judging me, he’s a wonderful person and he’s incredibly sensitive to other people in the world around him. I find that very appealing.”

Chloe will be out in theaters on March 26.

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