The live shows for season 11 of American Idol kicked off last night with a crazy new set, over-the-top production values, and what did Ryan Seacrest do to his hair? Plus, who would be the 13th boy? America was shocked when it was deep-bass voice Jermaine Jones, and we couldn't help but crack up as Ryan talked to Jermaine about this moment. Jermaine is so tall… and Ryan is sooo not. But it's going to be a tough road this week. Only the top five vote-getters will make it through, cutting eight guys! Who will it be?

Well, let's get to the music:

Reed Grimm, "Moves Like Jagger": Reed has already shown us how unique he is, and that continued with his jazzed-up version of this pop hit. He even added a little drum action to show off his skills, once again. He comes across very quirky while also very much like last year's Casey Abrams. You can't help but smile when you watch him perform.

Adam Brock, "Think": Adam still reminds us a bit too much of Danny Gokey, and is it weird that he continues to call himself "White Chocolate," bringing to mind a stand-out group of the same name from season eight, which he is definitely not. He just doesn't stand out among the other talent this year, and the song didn't do him any justice.


Deandre Brackensick, "Reasons": Wow, Deandre can really sing. That is the hard part. There are a lot of good guy singers this year, but without a good edit and without something to  make you really stand out, it will be hard to make it. Sorry, Deandre.

Colton Dixon, "Decode": Love this guy, love this performance. He was amazing with starting it slow at the piano and then rocking it out on the stage. He really showed us what he can do. He missed his chance last season, but that is definitely not going to happen this year.

Jeremy Rosado, "Gravity": Jeremy took a chance doing a Sara Bareilles song, and yes, he does have a good voice. But he hit some bad notes, and on a night like this, something like that won't get you through.

Aaron Marcellus, "Never Can Say Goodbye": Loved his story about running to catch the bus; it just shows how he doesn't give up easily. And he also showed that in his peformance. He has a really strong voice. He could end up as a wild-card pick.

Chase Likens, "Storm Warning": This guy is definitely going to pull in all the country fans! Singing a great song by up-and-coming country star Hunter Hayes, he knows how to pick the right song. Fans voted up a storm for Chase, but will it be enough?

Creighton Fraker, "True Colors": This is one unique guy. There has definitely not been someone like him on Idol before, and I like that about him. But we fear that the audience could develop a love-hate relationship with him, and he could be in trouble.

Phillip Phillips, "In the Air Tonight": We love this guy, and we have since his first audition. Not sure if it's the crazy singing faces or the weird way he holds his guitar and or the crazy-unique take he does on all the songs he sings, but Phillip is going to sail through and go far in this competition.


Eben Franckewitz, "Set Fire to the Rain": Eben is the youngest this year at only 15 years old, and that kind of came through last night when he missed quite a few notes and showed off his nerves. But the teen voters and the fact that Eben reminds everyone of Justin Bieber could save him this week.

Heejun Han, "Angel": Heejun is already a fan-favorite with his great one-liners and true emotions, and his voice is just so smooth, which he really showed with this performance. He is going to go far. And we already love the Heejun-Phillip bromance. Will they make it all the way together?

Joshua Ledet, "You Pulled Me Through": Joshua has a killer range and really showed it with this song by Idol's own Jennifer Hudson. What an incredible range! The judges couldn't even stay in their seats. We hope Joshua can at least get a wild-card slot if he isn't voted through.

Jermaine Jones, "Dance With My Father": We really thought this slot would go to Johnny Keyser or David Leathers Jr., but we have gotten to say Jermaine's deep range did this song proud. And you could see the joy of how happy he was to be back. And with that, and having the pimp spot, Jermaine could have an easy slide into next week.

So five guys will make it this week. We say it will be Phillip, Heejun, Colton, Reed and Jermaine. Who do you think it will be?

The girls will perform tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox! Don't miss it!

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