It was a fun night on American Idol last night that almost didn't include host Ryan Seacrest as he was feeling ill, but trouper that Ryan is, he made it to the show, even later joking that girlfriend Julianne Hough had a crush on Phillip Phillips.

But in the midst of all that, we got to enjoy the contestants cracking up while talking about what they thought of each other and then of course, there was the music. Each singer had to take on a Queen song and then a song of their own choosing. Let's see how they did!


Jessica Sanchez started out with "Bohemian Rhapsody." It was bad enough she was going first but then to also choose such a difficult and beloved Queen song, it was all just not good. She doesn't have the passion when she peforms to give this song what it needs. Yes, she can hit the notes, but she needs more than that. She improved a little bit when she took on "Dance With My Father" as a dedication to her dad, who is in the military. With that intro, the song got a little more emotion and feeling out of Jessica, but she just doesn't excite us, no matter how good her voice is.

Skylar Laine did her country spin on "The Show Must Go On" and we just love this girl more and more every week. There is just nothing she can't do. We love her take on this song. And we didn't love "Tattoos On This Town" as much but she still sounded great. Skylar just puts so much energy into every performance. Skylar could really win this thing if she continues down this path.

Joshua Ledet was all over that microphone with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"  but it just didn't do anything for him. Joshua has amazing vocals, and this song did not show them off at all! He was great, but it could have been so much better. His second song was "Ready for Love" and this was a Joshua song! He just wailed on it and wowed us all. It just builds and builds to this amazing place and Joshua just blows it out. Go Joshua! Not surprised that he got yet another standing ovation!

Elise Testone started out with "I Want It All" and this song was dead-on for Elise's voice. We haven't been big fans of Elise from the start, her personality just irks us a bit. But we couldn't deny how she played the stage and gave it her all. Elise's choice of the night was "Bold as Love" and it was quite a bold song choice. And this one was not as good as her first. She sounded great but she really sounded like she was stretching way too much on this one.


Oh, Phillip Phillips. We do enjoy you and you are hysterical in all the sound bites, but our love has been waning in recent weeks. Your take on "Fat Bottomed Girls" sucked us back in a little because of the energy you put on the song, but it still feels like the same old thing, week after week. And then you finally did a Dave Matthew Band song after we kept hearing week after week what a similar sound you have. But choosing "The Stone" was just too random. Jennifer was right, it was just too obscure and probably lost the interest of way too many people.

So happy that Hollie Cavanagh did so well. She deserves it, she has been getting really good these past weeks and showing how much she wants to be there. She really showed that with "Save Me." This girl has powerhouse vocals, the problem is she needs to start performing like the young girl that she is and also not letting her nerves take over. She did even better when she closed out the show with "The Climb." She had auditioned with this song and she was so smart to do a song in her comfort zone! The judges finally gave her the rave reviews that she has been really deserving.

This is a really great season so it hard to say who will be going home. It could be anyone. But we are putting our money on either Elise or Hollie. Or could it be another shocker? Find out tonight at 8 p.m. ET with performance by Stefano Langone and Katy Perry!

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