Amy Winehouse’s fists have been getting her into trouble yet again.


But this time around it was the Rehab star herself who came out of the confrontation worst — because her opponent was a metal grille!

This summer has seen Amy in the fighting mood, having already been caught whacking an audience member and her own bodyguard.

But this weekend the 24-year-old went on the rampage in Camden, London, and ended up getting into some fisticuffs with a storefront security fence.

London’s Daily Mail reports that the troubled star began her night at around 1am by playfully soaking fans outside her apartment with a high-pressure hose from her garage.

Then she began a crazed sprint through the backstreets, laughing with paps and challenging them to keep up with her.

But her high spirits quickly crashed, and Amy sat down in a storefront doorway — before savagely attacking its metal security grille.


According to photogs on the scene, "after her initial burst of energy, Amy had to have a sit down outside a shop for a while.


"She appeared frustrated and punched the shop’s metal grille."

A right hook seems to have left the singer, who was going through her first weekend since a judge sentenced her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, to 27 months in jail, with a huge purple bruise along her ring finger.

Amy dashed into a club for just half an hour before a friend took her home, in a "distraught, tearful state" according to the paper.

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