It seems Amy Winehouse is finally focusing on music again, as the troubled songstress announced the launch of her own label, Lioness Records, on her official site today.

The name of her label was inspired by a necklace her grandmother, Cynthia, gave to her.

Amy says, “My nan was like my best friend. She was the sweetest, strongest, most amazing person I’ve ever met and when I was thinking of what to call the label I picked up the necklace and knew straight away I’d call it Lioness, in honor of Cynthia.”

Strength seems to be exactly what Amy needs in order to stay clean and keep focused.

Amy says the first release from the new label will be “Introducing Dionne Bromfield,” the debut album of her 13-year-old goddaugter, Dionne Bromfield.

“The first time I heard Dionne sing, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… such an amazing voice from such a young girl. I’m so proud of her. I’m very lucky to have a record label. I’ve got all these people that I love, that are really talented-and Dionne is my number one.”

Hopefully Dionne and her record label continue to be her number one and nothing else tops her priorities.

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