Amy Winehouse’s father says he’s terrified she will die from an addiction to alcohol.
Mitch Winehouse, who has a close relationship with his troubled daughter, has already seen the singer hospitalized due to her drug habit and fears she has replaced illegal substances with drink, reports the UK sister magazine of OK!.

He said: "After she almost died twice from drug-related problems, to see her walking, smiling – she has progressed so much.

“But now, if it’s alcohol instead of hard drugs – I don’t think I can go through that again. I’ve decided to distance myself, and whatever happens, happens. It’s her life. It’s her career. It’s her decision."

But Mitch, who is currently staying with 25-year-old Amy in St. Lucia while she attempts to overcome her personal problems and write her eagerly anticipated third album, accepts he has no influence over her life and says she needs to take responsibility for her actions.

Mitch told documentary maker Daphne Barak, who has been filming Amy: "She said to me, ‘Dad thank you for pulling me out of drugs’, and I said to her, ‘But you are the one who decided to pull out. You can do it again and stop drinking’.”

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