I spent much of yesterday in-flight en route to Park City, Utah for Sundance. When I went to baggage claim I looked at a suitcase a suitcase coming off the conveyer belt and asked why it was all taped up – then I realized it was mine. I checked virtuallynew Kipling bags, a suitcase and a duffel bag, and the suitcase came back mummy wrapped in masking tape and the duffel bag looked like it had the handles chewed off! The airline, that I will graciously not name, replaced my suitcases and gave me a voucher. But, I learned a lesson. Whereas my first reaction may have been to angrily march into the baggage claim office of unnamed airline irante and ranting, I was so dumbfounded by the situation I was calm and almost amused. They were helpful. I’m not sure they would have been so eager to help me if I was angry rather than just walking in as I did dragging my beat up luggage and say, ‘Um, really?’


I relaxed later with a four-hour dinner at Grappa with the owners and chef from the Forge in Miami who flew their whole team out to prepare a dinner for OK! and Harvey Weinstein tonight. I did my first shots of Grappa. The dinner was good. We didn’t make it down the block to Colin Farrel’s movie premiere party for "The Bruges" at Village at the Life. Mary Kate Olsen did.


Currently at the Tmobile Diner at Village at the Yard – a lumber yard converted to a winter wonderland for Sundance, and Nikka Costa is about to perform. Keep you posted 😉 xo 



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