Hours before Andy Cohen embarks on his journey to Brazil to co-host the Miss Universe Pageant, he catches up with me for a little Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dish.

Who are the bigger divas – the Miss Universe contestants or the ladies on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

“Well, I haven’t gotten to spend any time with any of the contestants from Miss Universe yet,” the host of Real Housewives … Watch What Happens Live tells me during Thursday’s conference call. “I’m still in New York. I’m on my way to Brazil tonight, so I have to spend a little time to find out, but I don’t know.”

He adds, “The Beverly Hills Housewives aren’t divas. Adrienne Maloof is one of the judges, so I’ll have to keep my eye on her and the contestants.”

As soon as I mention that Taylor Armstrong’s lingerie scene was cut, and ask what else has been nixed from the show, my line mysteriously goes silent for a few long minutes. Whoops! Accident or on purpose? You be the judge.

Psst: The official network transcript says he and former Miss USA/current Miss Universe judge Shandi Finnessey (who was also on the call) thought I placed them on hold. (Really?!)

Catch Andy and Adrienne on the Miss Universe Pageant, which airs live from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Monday at 9pm on NBC.


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