Angelina Jolie has put pen to paper to write an op-ed piece in the Washington Post imploring the United States to help the two million displaced Iraq refugees.

"The request is familiar to American ears: ‘Bring them home,’" the star writes in the piece titled "Staying to Help in Iraq."

After visiting Iraq earlier this month, Angelina, a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, says that no progress has been made since her previous trip six months prior.

"However, during the last week, the United States, UNHCR and the Iraqi government have begun to work together in new and important ways," she writes.

She continues, "My visit left me even more deeply convinced that we not only have a moral obligation to help displaced Iraqi families, but also a serious, long-term, national security interest in ending this crisis."

The 32-year-old Oscar winner believes more money and troops need to be poured into this issue, stating, "we should step up our financial and material assistance."

"It seems to me that now is the moment to address the humanitarian side of this situation," Angelina says. "Without the right support, we could miss an opportunity to do some of the good we always stated we intended to do."

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