Do you get the feeling that somewhere inside Oprah Winfrey‘s home, she’s throwing darts at a portrait of Angelina Jolie? Somehow, the superstar actress has managed to bump the one-woman media empire from the top of Forbes magazine’s list of most powerful celebs.

Despite the fact that Angie earned only a tenth of Oprah’s estimated $275 million last year, she was still somehow able to make the jump from #3 to #1 on the annual Celebrity 100 list, which also considers media exposure (does Lady O’s daily talk show — or magazine, or radio network — not count?) in determining its rankings.

"These lists are really meaningless," one Hollywood insider tells OK!. "They’re fun for water-cooler chit-chat, but do you really think Angelina is any more ‘powerful’ than any of the others near the top of that list? And financially speaking, Oprah is really the only one who has the cash to play with the real power brokers that keep the world turning."

Oprah is still sitting pretty at #2, just above Madonna, Beyoncé, Tiger Woods, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg. Interestingly enough — Angie’s baby-daddy Brad Pitt (#9) was beat out by his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, who landed in the #8 spot.

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