While main man Brad Pitt is getting ready to chat with Nancy Pelosi this afternoon in Washington D.C., Angelina Jolie is in town too, busy on the set of her new movie Salt, and she seems to be enjoying herself!


"She’s having a lot of fun and joking on set with the stunt double. She’s in a great mood and was laughing with [co-star] Liev Schreiber in between takes," a witness tells OK!. "There were some fans who were watching her shoot and she was waving to them."




And true to form, Angie isn’t sitting back and letting anyone else do the hard work for her when it comes to action-packed sequences for the movie.


"She’s been filming a sprint scene this morning where she runs down the street and before she ran, she runs in place to get warmed up," the source reveals. "She was doing all of the stunts herself but her stunt double was walking her through everything."

By Laura Lane

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