We’ve all had that moment right after sending a text message where we realize, "Oops, I sent that to the wrong person."


Unfortunately for funnygirl Anna Faris, a text meant for her fiancé’s eyes only ended up in the wrong hands.

"My fiancé and I, when we first met, we had sex-text-Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we would text each other the naughtiest things," she tells PopTarts. "I was always so terrified that I would accidentally send it to my dad, because my dad is right below my fiancé in my phone list, that would be terrifying, but it was really fun."

That fun took a turn for the worst, when Anna did make a mistake when addressing her text. But it wasn’t her dad who got the wrong message.

"I sent a text to a small child, asking the small child if they wanted to get drunk with me," she admitted. "But I meant it for my friend. The small child said, ‘I don’t know what getting drunk means,’ so bless the small child’s little heart."


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