Fame star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle is getting ample time with the Jonas Brothers while she films Camp Rock 2.

How have Kevin, Joe and Nick changed since the first installment? After all, Kevin‘s engaged to Danielle Deleasa, Joe has romanced leading ladies including Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle and Nick has been spotted with Miley Cyrus again since filming the original Disney Channel movie in 2008.

“Not at all, which is what I love,” she tells me. “They’re still the sweet gentleman that pull out your chair and push it back in. It’s easy to talk to them. They’re normal guys, and that’s what I love. They haven’t changed at all. We’ve all just grown; we’ve all just aged.”

Anna hopes to attend Kevin’s upcoming nuptials if she’s invited. What present will she get for the happy couple?

“I honestly don’t know because both Danielle and Kevin are amazing people, and just to see them as a couple is incredible,” she says. “I don’t know what I’d give them because I have everything already.”

What has she learned from the JoBros?

“Just by watching them onstage, I got to see how their stage presence translates onscreen,” she says. “They’re amazing guys, so any chance I get to talk to them, I do.”

What can we expect from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, which is filming now?

“People are going to be surprised by Camp Rock 2,” Anna tells me. “It’s gonna be a good movie You’ll see amazing songs by the Jonas Brothers, Demi has an amazing song. Just bigger and better dance numbers. It’s more intense this time. It’s more of a musical, so people will look forward to that.”

Here’s a pic of me with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato from a Camp Rock event. And, here’s a shot of Taylor Swift and I. She’s great!

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